Chanukah Treats for the Soul and Body

I was moved by this week’s offerings in the OU’s Shabbat Shalom e-zine and thought you might be too. So I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites with you.

In Second Thoughts: Candles in the Desert, award winning author Yaffa Ganz gives an illuminating description of Maaleh Adumim (the city where we live) and links it to the Chanukah story.

Rabbi Bini Maryles has written an inspiring article titled Where Have You Gone Judah Maccabee? playing off of the Paul Simon lyric (from ‘Mrs. Robinson’) ‘Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you…’ It’s a nice read about our need for heroes. If you’re interested in learning about modern day heroes, published a wonderful article titled 8 Nights, 8 Heroes last week. I was familiar with all except the story of Shlomo Mulla who, at the age of 16, set out on foot with a group of 17 friends from their Ethiopian village for the Promised Land. His journey evoked tears and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to God for having made Aliyah so easy for those of us from America.

In the Historical Fiction arena, Rabbi Leiby Burnham challenges us to “search just a bit deeper, to take on the impossible, to let the light conquer the stifling darkness” in Chanukah, 165 B.C.E.

And no Chanukah would be complete without food! Hanukkah: Doughnuts With a Difference by Faye Levy describes a Greek pastry that reminds me of my Grandmother’s Italian Struffula recipe. And Tamar Ansh (accomplished author, freelance recipe developer, and food columnist) was kind enough to share a few of her delicious recipes in The Latke – New Twists On An Old Favorite.

For those interested in learning more about Chanukah, there is an abundance of information available online. Here are my top choices:

  • offers a Chanukah Primer, how-tos, recipes, insprirational stories, online movies and games.
  • Orthodox Union covers Chanukah background, translations, audio and video presentations, prayers and some fun stuff.
  • Jacob Richman’s Selected Chanukkah Sites provides a comprehensive list including games, coloring books, educational, inspirational, and humorous sites, plus 70 YouTube Videos; many of which are hilarious. 😀

Wishing You an Enlightened Chanukah!



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