Efrat is Happy!

Efrat is not only happy, Efrat is Good according to the sign Rabbi Shlomo Riskin is dancing with in this fun video that has me recalling why we almost moved there – great people!  If you’re making Aliyah, Efrat is a great choice.

Below this video on YouTube is an important message that I encourage you to read and respond to:

During these difficult times which are facing the Jewish people I thought it would be appropriate to convey the fact that we will not despair and that we are still happy.
The way in which we plan to perpetuate the memory of the 3 boys who were murdered in our neighborhood is by building a simcha hall in Efrat.
I strongly encourage you to take part in this important endeavor.

Donations are US tax deductible at:
Please add at the “Dedicate this donation” line:
Efrat Development Foundation


Yisrael’s Sax Debut

A few weeks ago Yisrael began saxophone lessons at the Ma’ale Adumim Music Conservatory. Due to illness, delays in instrument delivery and instructor’s time conflicts, he had a total of 2 one-on-one lessons and one ensemble practice prior to last evening’s concert. Fortunately he has his father’s laid back personality so there wasn’t any anxiety on his part and no stage fright (unlike his mother).

His ensemble performed “London Bridge” and “Ode to Joy” (in the video below). Continue reading Yisrael’s Sax Debut


Kol HaKavod to Leibel Cohen!

For the past 7 years Leibel Cohen (Writer, Director, Producer at Reel Jewish Entertainment) has been enhancing our lives with wholesome Jewish entertainment that I think is meant for the kids but we sure do get a kick out of it as well!

Last night we enjoyed watching “Agent Emes and the Happy Chanukah” for the 2nd or 3rd – or maybe 4th – time since we bought it a few years ago. Here’s a link to my favorite clip – I had Yisrael advance the DVD to this scene right after we lit the first Chanukiah because I love the way they sing “Al Hanisim”. Continue reading Kol HaKavod to Leibel Cohen!


This is MY Israel!

NBN is running a “This is My Israel” photo contest, but for my son, this video perfectly demonstrates why he’s so happy to be living here.

This video is of the birthday reception he received from his classmates recently, which paled in comparison to the “welcome home” he received on the first day of school. Continue reading This is MY Israel!


A Letter to the World from Jerusalem, 1969

Forty-plus years later, this letter still stands relevant in today’s political climate (full text is below the video).

A Letter to the World from Jerusalem, 1969

by Eliezer ben Yisrael (Stanley Goldfoot)

I am not a creature from another planet, as you seem to believe. Continue reading A Letter to the World from Jerusalem, 1969


Reb Shlomo Carlebach: The Last Seder in the Warsaw Ghetto

This is courtesy of Rabbi Lazer Brody

Thanks to Neshama in California for sending us the following clip, which is capable of making a stone shed tears. Remember that our return to Hashem in the holy Land of Israel is the only guarantee that there’ll never again be a Warsaw Ghetto. Let’s hope that this coming Pesach will be the real freedom holiday for our people Israel, once and for all coming home to the Land of Israel and the rebuilt united Jerusalem, amen.


Will Your Son Marry a Jewish Girl?

I watched a series of touching videos at There Is One today – Thank You and Kol HaKavod to Gutman Locks 😀

In the following video clip there was something that bothered me. I don’t think they intended to send this particular message, but it hit me. Please watch it and then read on.

Continue reading Will Your Son Marry a Jewish Girl?


What are They THINKING?!

There are lots of wonderful and inspiring blogs filling the blogosphere these days. So many that I often have difficulty finding time to read the ones I have subscribed to. After putting in an intense day of work yesterday I’m indulging this morning by catching up on some of my favorite reading and wow! some great articles have been posted during the past week. Since I couldn’t have said these things better myself, I decided to share these gems with you.

First up is No Need To Make Aliyah by Rivkah over at the Bat Aliyah blog. It breaks my heart that so many American Jews just don’t get it! Rivkah, I wish you an easy klita – may you arrive sooner than later! Continue reading What are They THINKING?!