Obama Advisor Calls for a Military Invasion of Israel

I recently subscribed to the Geula Watch Yahoo! Group and was invited this morning to review a YouTube video of Samantha Power, former Foreign Policy Aide to Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama II. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you in case you haven’t already seen it. Keep in mind that Obama pursued this woman to be his foreign policy advisor – until she called Hillary Clinton a monster and was forced to resign. Which doesn’t mean Obama disagrees with Ms. Powers, she just wasn’t good for his campaign anymore.

The video is titled: “Obama advisor calls for a military invasion of Israel”, however, she doesn’t actually come out and say that in the video. She feels that billions of US dollars should be withdrawn from support of the Israeli military and spent on a “mamoth protection force” (i.e., U.S. Military) to impose a U.S. solution that will force “unwilling parties” (i.e., Israel and the Arab Terrorists) to allow for the creation of a Palestinian state. Which she believes will resolve issues of genocide and other “major human rights abuses which we’re seeing”.
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Absentee Voting

Remember how I told you that we cast our ballots? Well on Friday, October 24th Michael finally received his official ballot from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and I received mine on Sunday, October 26th (Sunday is a work day here in Israel)! We filed the necessary forms with the Board of Elections in JUNE weeks before we left the U.S.A. providing them with our new address in Israel.

After arriving here for seminary in September, we helped Carol Baum submit her new voter registration/absentee ballot form to the Cuyahoga Country Board of Elections. Her official ballot arrived on October 12th.

According to the instructions at the Overseas Vote Foundation web site, if one receives an official ballot after already sending in the Federal Write-In Absentee ballot, one must complete the official ballot and mail it before OCTOBER 28th. Michael believes this is all part of a consipiracy to prevent Republican votes from being counted.

Speaking of votes being counted, did you see this report: BAM STAFFERS PULL THEIR BOGUS OHIO BALLOTS in the news? If they hadn’t been caught their votes would have been counted. It makes one wonder.. how many other “Team Obama” people do you suppose are illegally voting across America?


No Secrets Here – Our Ballots Have Been Cast

Our Federal Write In Absentee Ballots didn’t arrive in the mail or via e-mail as we had requested last June. So we went online to OverseasVoteFoundation.org and downloaded our ballots.

I tried to mail them yesterday but at 10:15 when I pulled a ticket at the post office there were 80 people ahead of me! So this morning, after only 3.5 hours of sleep because I was up until 3 a.m. blogging (the post times that show up are Central time because that’s where the server is located), I dragged myself into the shower and off to the post office. It paid off because Yisrael pulled #008 and they were currently serving #996! Continue reading No Secrets Here – Our Ballots Have Been Cast


Acting Out – A Societal Excuse

Today I had the privilege of observing the olim children’s ulpan (summer camp Hebrew learning program for new immigrants) because the director felt (and I agreed) that the teenage instructors were not equipped to handle children “acting out” – in other words my son misbehaved and disrupted the class again yesterday. I find this term rather amusing because when I was growing up and a child misbehaved, he was punished by one or both of his parents – and possibly his teacher or even the adult neighbor who caught him in the act. That was it, each child knew where he stood and what was expected of him – the line was clearly drawn in the sand and crossing it meant some form of discomfort (usually physical, sometimes emotional with privileges or a favorite toy withheld, and sometimes monetary). Continue reading Acting Out – A Societal Excuse


Politics, Gas Pumps and IKEA

We were busy taking advantage of the fact that we still had the use of a car on Wednesday and Thursday. We started out driving over to Mitzpe Nevo to look at a shelf unit someone was selling which turned out to be too tall for our storage room’s slanted ceiling. But it wasn’t a wasted trip up 3 flights of stairs because we knocked on the wrong door first and met Gidon Ariel (of the Holy City Prayer Society and SBI), a Ma’aleh Adumim veteran who is running for city council. Gidon filled us in on the local politics and the benefits of joining the Likud party. It actually costs money here to join a political party! But if you sign up now, it’s buy one/get the second for half price (just under 100 shekels – what a deal)!
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