If you are in need of a last minute tax deduction to a charitable cause, I urge you make it to American Friends of Magen David Adom. If you happen to be in Israel right now, they could sure use your donation of blood; they report that every pint can help them save up to three lives. To donate blood, contact or call 057-761-4220.


My Middle East War Update

Things were different this morning; a calm and orderliness I don’t often sense. There seemed to be less buses when I took Yisrael and Amanda to ulpan. The 21 didn’t come at all between 7:45 and 7:55 so we took the 175. The driver took an instant liking to Yisrael and laughed and chatted with him along the route. Then he didn’t stop in the inconvenient spot he usually drops us in, he looked back at me in the mirror and told me he was taking us around the circle to the other side; I smiled and thanked him.

Michael called to say he had arrived at ulpan safely; odd, he doesn’t do that often. And he said the bus had been delayed because traffic was backed up due to the added security at the check points. He also mentioned that he noticed vehicles being thoroughly checked as they entered Ma’aleh Adumim. In the past such delays would have annoyed us; I think he was surprised when I responded “that’s good, we’ll put up with the inconvenience because they’re there for our protection”. By nature I’m not a patient person but we’re at war and I’m happy that we’re finally fighting back.

As the bus rounded the circle, I noticed a police car with flashing blue lights Continue reading My Middle East War Update


Maybe Judah Maccabee IS Alive After All!

For those of you who might be worried about us because of the crap (pardon my English) that you see on the “news” (someday you might want to look up that word in the dictionary and compare it to what’s on the tube and radio), I thought I’d write to let you know that I had a fun day shopping with Carol (18-year-old daughter of our friends back in Cleveland who is here for a year of seminary) at the Shuk (Machane Yehuda market) and various malls and shops in Talpiot, while Michael & Yisrael stayed home and played.

While we were shopping, Carol received a text message from her school warning the girls not to go to Ashkelon or Sderot today because of the potential rocket attacks coming in from Gaza at our civilians. Please note that these rockets are not in retaliation for Israel’s attack on Gaza during the past 24 hours; Israel’s attack was in response to the 2+ years of thousands of rockets being fired by terrorists directly at Israeli civilian targets – most often the city of Sderot where Israeli men, women, and children have 15 seconds to run to a shelter when the code red alarm is sounded. Not a happy or healthy life, but it’s the price we’re paying in the “land for peace (a.k.a. piece) process. Continue reading Maybe Judah Maccabee IS Alive After All!


Will You Join the Fight?

Last week Rabbi Bini Maryles cleverly asked “Where Have You Gone Judah Maccabee?” in hopes that his article would cause some modern-day heroes to step up to the plate. At this special time of year when Jews retell the Chanukah story of the Maccabee’s heroic success (despite all odds) in defeating the enemy and rededicating the Holy Temple, I encourage you to view the “Where is the Peace” video (below or via this link) and stand up and join the fight for Israel’s right to exist within the Biblical boundaries set forth in The Torah.

Yesterday I attended a Sderot Fair at Nefesh B’Nefesh in Jerusalem and was disappointed to see the very small turnout during the lunch hour. I happily purchased some stone bakeware that I’ve been needing. If you’re interested in supporting the people or businesses of Sderot, and weren’t able to attend yesterday’s fair, please use the following links: Continue reading Will You Join the Fight?


Do Me a Favor?

Will you please take a look at this Middle East map? See if you can find Israel. Having trouble? Hint: It’s between the 30 and 45 degree North latitude lines – and 30 and 45 degree East longitude lines – in a tiny gray area on the east side of the Mediterranean Sea. This map also labels it at “Palestine”.

Now take a look at the size of the neighboring Arab (or predominately Arab) countries; Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.

Here’s a more detailed map of Israel. Do you see the white areas that have been carved out of the Jewish homeland? Those white areas, which include the city of 40,000 Jews we live in, are what America and Europe are pressuring Israel to give to the “Palestinian people” (a people you won’t find in any history books except the ones created by their supporters) in a two-state solution. A “solution” that is proposed to bring peace between Israelis and Arabs. Those same people who scream in every media outlet that they want all Jews driven into the sea (i.e., dead) and haven’t ceased firing rockets into Israel during this “peace process”.

My dear American friends, would you give away Long Island, Florida, Southern California, Texas, or maybe Washington D.C. to terrorists in an effort to gain peace with people who tell the world they’re determined to destroy your entire nation?

My friend David Bogner has some important questions for you. Please read them and view the video. Then use the comment box below to let me know what you think.

Be forewarned and prepared!


The ‘FUD’ Factor Comes to Life

It is not very often that I receive a product newsletter that wows me. Last week I received the letter below from SunbeltSecurityNews Editor Larry Jaffe. Sunbelt is the creator of the Vipre AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software we use. Their tagline is “we keep the bad guys out” and so far they’re doing a great job!

Larry’s introduction to the newsletter so matched my own opinions that I asked (and received) his permission to share it with you here. Continue reading The ‘FUD’ Factor Comes to Life


Mumbai Chabad Terrorist Attack

This is for those of you who were wondering if I’ve been living in a vacuum during the past week. I have hesitated to write about last week’s terror attack in Mumbai, India because I have nothing inspirational or rational to contribute to the thousands of blog posts and extensive media coverage.

When… Continue reading Mumbai Chabad Terrorist Attack


History & Politics Repeat

A note of thanks goes out to all of you who wrote, or called and left messages of concern, because it had been a week since I had posted to the blog.

Michael and I were hit with a pretty bad stomach bug last weekend. But it was the local elections here in Ma’aleh Adumim that held me back from blogging. I attended a “Meet the Candidates Night” sponsored by the Jerusalem Post that the current mayor didn’t feel was worth his time to show up for – or send a representative to, had meetings over coffee with those “in-the-know”, and struck up conversations on the street in an effort to determine which candidate was deserving of my all-important vote. Yes, I’m one of those fools who still believe that every vote counts – and hopes that the ballots will be counted in an ethical manner.

Not having a personal relationship with either of the mayoral candidates made it easy to base my decision on justifiable facts. Decision made. Having lost the U.S. Presidential election the previous week, I was fired me up to make sure that at least my local candidate won! I spent many hours challenging people on the local chat list with my perception of the facts, nudging people to get out and vote, etc.

Election Day arrived. Continue reading History & Politics Repeat


You said if Obama won…

Several of you told us before the election that if Obama won, you’d be on the next plane making Aliyah to Israel. I’m really looking forward to welcoming you home! Here are a few important links you’ll need to visit to get this process rolling quickly – it would be best if you could arrive here before the Israeli elections in February as we need your votes! Continue reading You said if Obama won…


The Morning After the Election

As they like to say, “The American Public Has Spoken!” So how are you feeling about serving President Barack Obama (oops, that’s right he’s supposed to be serving you)?

Please use the comment tool at the bottom of this page to voice your opinions, concerns, and feelings.

A Cleveland Rabbi recently accused me of hate/fear-mongering when I asked the reasons an Orthodox Jew might vote for Obama knowing that he will not be good for the Jewish homeland. Continue reading The Morning After the Election