10-Step Plan – Elimination of Islamic Threat to Western Culture

Earlier this year I decided to tone down the number of political posts to this Aliyah blog and instead move them to Facts Dispel Lies, but today I feel the following videos are extremely important for you to watch (if you haven’t already seen them). They are especially important for those straddling the Aliyah-decision line, and those who have not yet considered Aliyah.

Geert Wilders, Chairman of the Parliamentary Party in the House of Representatives of the Netherlands (a country with extremely liberal policies towards Muslims) warns Americans of the draconian effects of attempting to pacify Islamists. Please take the time to watch both of these videos because his message and proposed solutions are critical to the future of the US and US-Israel relations. Continue reading 10-Step Plan – Elimination of Islamic Threat to Western Culture


Prime Minister Netanyahu Challenges the U.N.

It’s about time an Israeli politician finally defended Israel in such an eloquent and well-prepared manner! I especially liked his tactic of waving official documents in their faces and asking if these documents and the people who created them were lies. Questioning the validity of the U.N. was also a nice touch. Bravo to Bibi!

Read the transcript Continue reading Prime Minister Netanyahu Challenges the U.N.


Israel: Facts to be Proud of

With all the Israel-bashing going on in the world – and fearful Jews in the Disapora avoiding confrontation with the anti-Semitism that surrounds them – I thought it would be uplifting to share some positive information about Israel with you, information that should make you proud to be a Jew.

Did you know that despite its small size, Israel is at the forefront in the field of high tech and new technologies? Unfortunately, those achievements are too often not known by the general public who only see Israel as a country at war.

It would do the world well to consider where they would be without a healthy and secure Israel vs. where they’ll be if they continue supporting Arab terrorists with their financial and media resources. Below are figures and a few examples which illustrate the vitality and creativity of the successes Israel has achieved in the fields of water, life science, clean energy, telecommunication, computers, etc. Achievements that have made a positive impact on the lives of just about everyone on the planet. Continue reading Israel: Facts to be Proud of


A New Slate for Israel

I didn’t post this yesterday because I was afraid it might be taken as an April Fool’s joke. Nope, this is pretty serious stuff folks. In a March 31st press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministers and Senior Officials of the 32nd Government of Israel are confirmed as follows:

Shimon Peres – President

Government Ministers

Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister
Minister of Economic Strategy, Minister of Pensioner Affairs, Minister of Health, Minister of Science, Culture, and Sport Continue reading A New Slate for Israel


There is Strength in Numbers – We Need You NOW!

It breaks my heart to read news stories like this one when situations like this are completely preventable with a little help from people like all of you who haven’t come home yet.

Ehud Barak – one of the most despicable politicians in Israeli history – is a self-hating Jew who has managed (through corruption) to remain in the government. Allowing his position of power to go to his head, he likes to lash out at “settlers“, destroying all they’ve built. But thank God for women like Dafna Ronen, mother of six, who stands strong, holding onto to the dream and promises of Torah.

According to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. the definition of Settler is: Continue reading There is Strength in Numbers – We Need You NOW!


Mrs. Clinton Needs a Dose of Reality

One of the unpleasant things associated with assimilation is watching the government of the “old country” wrongly stick it’s nose in the business of your chosen country.

Hillary Clinton is coming to Israel next week and I sure would love to have 5 minutes to enlighten her narrow little mind. I imagine that she is unable to think very far outside of that “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality. In an Israel National News article today it was reported that:

“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed anger over the past week at what she said were obstacles placed by Israel that slowed down the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

And that:
“Israel is not making enough effort to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza,” American officials have told their Israeli counterparts, and “the U.S. expects Israel to meet its commitments on this matter.”

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton should spend some time in Gaza physically assisting with the distribution of humanitarian aid and meet the deceitful and cruel animals running the government there.

And perhaps the Israeli government should wake up to the fact that the well-being of Gazans IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY – that’s what they elected Hamas for. Continue reading Mrs. Clinton Needs a Dose of Reality


35 Islamic Terrrorist Training Compounds Discovered in USA

Another reason to make Aliyah ASAP!

In a disturbing – but not shocking to us – interview with Fox News, Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network revealed his group’s documentation of 35 Islamic Jihad terrorist training compounds throughout the U.S.A. During their 2-1/2 years of research and investigation, Mawyer’s team acquired a video called “The Soldiers of Allah,” featuring Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, the mastermind and the leader of the Muslims of America in the U.S. The terrorist group offices are located at Quranic open university offices in New York, Michigan, South Carolina and Canada.

A quick glance at the map in the Fox News video (which Michael found on the Military.com website) shows one or more training compounds across NY, NJ, MA, PA, VA, SC, GA, TN, AL, TX, OK, CO, WA
Continue reading 35 Islamic Terrrorist Training Compounds Discovered in USA


Who Stole the Horse?

Our friend Fred Casden blogs at A Little Bit East of Yerushalayim and has written a lengthy, entertaining, and interesting post providing his readers with some background on the Israeli elections. It’s on our recommended reading list for anyone looking for some election insights while waiting for the election results from last Tuesday’s vote. Check out Who Stole the HorseContinue reading Who Stole the Horse?


Jacob Richman is Voting for Ichud Leumi

And here’s why:
1) Ichud Leumi is against a Palestinian State
2) Ichud Leumi is for buildng in all parts of Israel.
3) Ichud Leumi will support a right wing government lead by the Likud and Bibi Netanyahu.
Read Jacob’s detailed explaination on each of these issues.

Jacob thinks (and I agree) that the next government’s focus should be:

  • Prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power
  • Implement programs to lesson the impact of the wordwide recession
  • Return Judaism and Jewish values back into the educational system
  • Give a fatal blow to anyone that attacks Israel (even one rocket)
  • Withstand the pressure of the world (and USA) for a deadly Palestinian State.
  • Build and expand cities and towns all over Israel (including Judea and Samaria).

Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count?

Well Dr. Tziona Fleisher has news for you! In Israel National News article Get Out the Jewish Vote, Dr. Fleisher brings up a point that many potential voters may not have considered; if fewer and fewer Jews get out and vote for Jews, and more and more Arabs vote for Arabs, then… She presents some scary calculations that deserve serious thought and action, and closes with the following challenge:

In the Middle East, demography and democracy are weapons of the same old war. Arabs are not stupid, but we are, if we let them win.

I encourage you to get out and vote even if you’re not happily excited about the choice of candidates. Too many apathetic Americans didn’t bother voting in the most recent election and now Israel is faced with a non-supportive U.S. government. Consider the challenges facing this tiny country during the next term, pray for guidance, and please vote for the candidate you believe will lead us (with God’s help) to victory.