BBC – Israeli Voices: When to Stop

Michael was interviewed by BBC journalist Olivia Macleod on Friday. How did she find him? Well, it seems that he’s been stirring up trouble using the comment section of several BBC online “news” articles to dispute the BBC’s bias toward Arab (a.k.a. Palestinian) terrorists. Continue reading BBC – Israeli Voices: When to Stop


Zman Maale – Ulpan Fun Day

An article about Yisrael’s ulpan fun day appeared in this morning’s issue of Zman Maale (translated: Maale Times). I can’t tell you what it says because my Hebrew reading skills haven’t reached that level yet. If anyone out there in blogland would like to give it a try, feel free to post a translation in the comment section below.

Click this photo for a full-size PDF version.


JPost: Aliya gets a step up

There I go opening my mouth again and ending up in the newspaper! And they never manage to print what I actually say – often using words that are just not natural for my vocabulary. But Ruth Eglash at least got the gist of our conversation despite a few minor details. So I submitted a comment of correction to be posted at the bottom of the article – just in case they don’t post it, here’s what it said:

I am not originally from Cleveland, I’m from NY and moved here from Cleveland in July.

We still don’t have our driver’s licenses. For Details about our driving lesson/test adventures – and other bureaucratic nightmares – visit our Almost Eden blog at

Additonally, the photo of Yisrael standing next to our 9 huge pieces of luggage was taken by me, not Jacob Richman, but Jacob’s a great guy and I won’t deny him the publicity.

Just in case the article isn’t available online when you attempt to view it (which I find happens rather often if you don’t have a paid subscription to the Jerusalem Post) I created PDF versions of the article:


JPost: Aliya Dream Come True

I received an honorable mention in the July 11th edition of the Jerusalem Post after a 10 minute interview at the airport the previous day…

Tehila Hessler, who plans to move to Ma’aleh Adumim with her husband and son, said “We know it won’t be smooth going, but we are prepared to expect the worst, so that we’ll then be relieved when it gets easier.”

The article was titled 15,000th Nefesh B’Nefesh olah says being in Israel is ‘a dream come true’, I saved a PDF of full version in case you’d like to read it.