Relief & Deliverance Come

Recall these words from Mordechai in Chapter 4, verse 14 of Megillat Esther:

…relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place

Yesterday was a roller-coaster, strange day in the realm of health and parnassah that caused me to experience the words of Mordechai.


If we don’t have it, quality of life suffers.  I’ve been suffering with breathing difficulties and sharp back pain for about 6 weeks. My medical doctor sent me for tests of the blood, heart Eco, stress test, x-ray, pulmonary function test variety. About 3 weeks ago I asked him to refer me to a chiropractor and he bluntly told me that he felt the tests were enough. The stress test resulted in a knee injury (excruciating pain – imagine bone rubbing against bone) that my doctor feels will take 3 to 4 weeks to heal – on the upside, that allowed me to cancel the 4 hour bone density scan he wanted me to have done.   Continue reading Relief & Deliverance Come


I.O.U. – Ra’anana

I can’t believe three months have already passed and I haven’t told you all about our new home in Ra’anana. I do apologize for the delay and for the fact that this is going to be a long one!


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that we left our beautiful and happy home in Ma’ale Adumim (along with our settler status :() and moved to Ra’anana for employment in July.

Michael is working at Delek where he is re-learning Oracle database technology (in recent years he specialized in Microsoft SQL databases). Because of his limited Hebrew skills, and his need for retraining, he has pretty much started at the bottom in a junior-level position, but that’s okay with him because he likes it there. Delek treats their employees very well – he especially likes his co-workers and enjoys the Thursday afternoon beer and nosh treats that signal the end of the work week. Continue reading I.O.U. – Ra’anana



Since Thursday, when we moved a box spring and frame that had been given to us by a local family into his room, Yisrael has been suffering from some sort of insect bites – mostly acquired during the night.

On Friday we called a friend who has been here 20+ years and asked for her advice on what it might be. She suggested sand flies and told us that new olim suffer from all sorts of health annoyances like these during their first year. What to do about it? Go to the pharmacy and pick up Sanno Mat plug-ins (sort of like those Glade air fresheners in the States, but filled with poison!) and plug it in while running fans, the A/C and keeping screened windows open (unfortunately we have no screens). So I followed her instructions and purchased a few, planning to “bomb” Yisrael’s room.
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Health Insurance, Taxes, Books & the People Left Behind

Sunday, July 20th:

We started our morning taking the bus up to Kikar Yaalom to Maccabi Healthcare to pick up our ID cards and sign up for supplemental coverage. It was a pretty painless experience as the young man who assisted us was very competent and spoke English. We were impressed with the clean and modern facility.
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Deliveries, Health Insurance, and Nefesh B’Nefesh

Tuesday, July 15th:

Michael and Yisrael stayed home waiting for the refrigerator delivery and possibly the “technician” who was to bring and “install” our ADSL modem.

I took the bus (#174) to the Ma’aleh Adumim post office to exchange money (less expensive than doing it at the bank – better exchange rate), and attempted to pay the health insurance registration fees (14.7 shekels for each adult = $4.34 – no charge for children).

The guy at the counter told me that I needed a Bituach Leumi card (national health insurance), he wouldn’t accept the form the Ministry of Absorption gave me at the airport – this was after I waited on line for about 40 minutes! Continue reading Deliveries, Health Insurance, and Nefesh B’Nefesh