Who Stole the Horse?

Our friend Fred Casden blogs at A Little Bit East of Yerushalayim and has written a lengthy, entertaining, and interesting post providing his readers with some background on the Israeli elections. It’s on our recommended reading list for anyone looking for some election insights while waiting for the election results from last Tuesday’s vote. Check out Who Stole the HorseContinue reading Who Stole the Horse?


Jacob Richman is Voting for Ichud Leumi

And here’s why:
1) Ichud Leumi is against a Palestinian State
2) Ichud Leumi is for buildng in all parts of Israel.
3) Ichud Leumi will support a right wing government lead by the Likud and Bibi Netanyahu.
Read Jacob’s detailed explaination on each of these issues.

Jacob thinks (and I agree) that the next government’s focus should be:

  • Prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power
  • Implement programs to lesson the impact of the wordwide recession
  • Return Judaism and Jewish values back into the educational system
  • Give a fatal blow to anyone that attacks Israel (even one rocket)
  • Withstand the pressure of the world (and USA) for a deadly Palestinian State.
  • Build and expand cities and towns all over Israel (including Judea and Samaria).

What’s it Like Living a Few Miles from the Gaza Border?

This message was sent to the CHAI (Cleveland Hometown Association in Israel) list by Sandi Friedman who lives with her family in Saad, a kibbutz just minutes from the Gaza border. Continue reading What’s it Like Living a Few Miles from the Gaza Border?