Stop American Censorship!

Please take a minute to sign this petition – especially if you want to be able to continue using Facebook & Twitter without risk of a 5 year prison sentence! This bill would make it illegal for you to copy/paste anything into your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter status, comments on a blog or news site that “might” be perceived as a copyright infringement.

For example, you see a video on YouTube – you know, the kind where someone uploaded an audio from an LP of a band from 1985 along with slideshow of photos they copied from a fan site or even worse, the lyrics!– and you post a link from YouTube to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. According to the SOPA bill you have broken the law and can be imprisoned! Continue reading Stop American Censorship!


A Prayer for Safety

Thanks to A Soldier’s Mother I have the pleasure of sharing this video with you today.  Please join us in the prayer Hu Yivarech – A Song for the IDF Soldiers by Dov Hoschander who says:

“As they defend the rights of the Jewish people within our homeland, we must always keep the brave men and women of the IDF in our hearts and minds. This song, a prayer for their safety, and the well being of all mankind, should serve to inspire each of us to give them support and remain strong.”

Shabbat Shalom!


Fire! Fire! Nope, this is Only a TEST!

I had an interesting experience this morning; a fire drill at the mall.

I had to take paperwork to Maccabi (health clinic) and decided to get some things at Super-Pharm and then pick up groceries at Mr. Zol while I was at that end of town. I heard a recorded message playing over and over in the mall but had no idea what the voice was saying. Continue reading Fire! Fire! Nope, this is Only a TEST!


The ‘FUD’ Factor Comes to Life

It is not very often that I receive a product newsletter that wows me. Last week I received the letter below from SunbeltSecurityNews Editor Larry Jaffe. Sunbelt is the creator of the Vipre AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software we use. Their tagline is “we keep the bad guys out” and so far they’re doing a great job!

Larry’s introduction to the newsletter so matched my own opinions that I asked (and received) his permission to share it with you here. Continue reading The ‘FUD’ Factor Comes to Life


Power of a Song

Warning: The content of this article is intended for rock n’ roll fans over the age of 18. It may not be appropriate for, understood or appreciated by others.

I had an unsettling experience yesterday that’s been happening a lot lately. For some reason Israelis seem addicted to music that was popular in America in the 70s and 80s; it plays randomly in elevators and shops. I highly doubt they understand what the words mean, otherwise I don’t think they’d be playing – in religious neighborhoods – songs with lyrics like:

  • “We made love in my Chevy van…”
  • “It’s the last dance, the last chance for love…”
  • “Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove.”

Continue reading Power of a Song