Children’s Ulpan-Summer Camp

Yisrael started ulpan at the Musar Avicha shul on Sunday the 17th. His first few days were rough because he preferred to be home playing video games, watching DVDs or playing with friends. AND he thought it was babyish because he knew it all – until we tested him! Continue reading Children’s Ulpan-Summer Camp


Ministry of Absorption, School, & Shopping

Wednesday, July 16th:

We had a 10 AM appointment at Misrad HaKlita (office the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption – MoIA) and hired Daniella Aaron to watch Yisrael so we wouldn’t have to listen to “this is SO boring”, “do we HAVE to go to another place? Can’t we just go home?” etc. She is a great sitter – he loved her and we were very happy!

We took the #175 bus to the Central Bus Station and then the #20 (I think) to King George St. Continue reading Ministry of Absorption, School, & Shopping