School Paperwork & More Shopping!

Tuesday, July 22nd:

We all walked over to Ma’aleh HaTorah to complete the school’s side of the enrollment paperwork for Yisrael. A very lovely woman named Hagit was kind enough to complete the forms in Hebrew and locate t-shirts with the school’s logo in Yisrael’s size.

On the way out and during the 20 minute walk back (I’m sure Yisrael will do it in less than 15, but his parents are old!), I took these photos to share with you. Continue reading School Paperwork & More Shopping!


Health Insurance, Taxes, Books & the People Left Behind

Sunday, July 20th:

We started our morning taking the bus up to Kikar Yaalom to Maccabi Healthcare to pick up our ID cards and sign up for supplemental coverage. It was a pretty painless experience as the young man who assisted us was very competent and spoke English. We were impressed with the clean and modern facility.
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Ministry of Absorption, School, & Shopping

Wednesday, July 16th:

We had a 10 AM appointment at Misrad HaKlita (office the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption – MoIA) and hired Daniella Aaron to watch Yisrael so we wouldn’t have to listen to “this is SO boring”, “do we HAVE to go to another place? Can’t we just go home?” etc. She is a great sitter – he loved her and we were very happy!

We took the #175 bus to the Central Bus Station and then the #20 (I think) to King George St. Continue reading Ministry of Absorption, School, & Shopping