Lunch with the Plaskows

Saturday, July 12th:

Michael trekked back to the shul he had been at last night and then we had lunch with the Plaskow family on Herodian. Baruch, Yael, and their family (originally from South Africa and made Aliyah to Israel via Toronto) made us feel at home. We had a wonderful time (and meal!) with them and Yisrael had a great time playing with their boys.


Jetlag and Shabbat with the Casdens

Friday, July 11th:

Jetlag caused the day to be a blur! I do remember that we were expecting Bezeq (the phone company) to turn on our phone and ADSL Internet connection and having phone conversations with them and Reuven Grossman of BroadFone (an oleh located in Ramat Beit Shemesh). Reuven set us up with VoIP (Voice over Internet) last November so that we could have an Israeli phone line to make calls on from the States – saved us lots of money! They provide customer service in English (a big plus for us) – here’s his contact info in case you’re in the market:

Reuven Grossman (NBN 04 Oleh to Jerusalem)
052-579-0958 in Israel
877-223-2290 US Toll-Free

Friday night Michael went to the Mussar Avicha shul with Fred Casden and when they returned we enjoyed a wonderful Shabbat meal with Fred, Barbara and Natania (they live at #33 down the street from us). Continue reading Jetlag and Shabbat with the Casdens