Aliyah – Joy & Tears

Jamie Geller departs JFK - arrives IsraelI’m running a week behind checking out the videos that YouTube is certain I should be watching! So this morning I caught the video posted last Wednesday of Jamie Geller’s family departing the US and arriving in Israel. As I was breaking open a new package of Molett tissues (nope, I don’t feel I need to spend extra for Kleenex anymore), it occurred to me that all those painful tears at JFK could be completely done away with if everyone would come home together.  Imagine… only joyful tears and cheers upon landing at Ben Gurion.

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Online Friendships and Aliyah No Longer Headline News?

Back in 1997 when my husband and I met on the Internet it was deemed quite a newsworthy event by the local newspaper – our photo was splashed across the front page (it was a small town) along with a nice human interest story. In the technologically advanced age of 2009, people meeting online and having rich relationships is common and therefore no longer newsworthy. Except on MY BLOG! Continue reading Online Friendships and Aliyah No Longer Headline News?