BBC – Israeli Voices: When to Stop

Michael was interviewed by BBC journalist Olivia Macleod on Friday. How did she find him? Well, it seems that he’s been stirring up trouble using the comment section of several BBC online “news” articles to dispute the BBC’s bias toward Arab (a.k.a. Palestinian) terrorists.

Ms. Macleod had Michael on the phone for about 45 minutes on Friday (while he was supposed to be making his special Shabbat salad) and only managed to come away with 224 of his passionate words (I heard him yelling through the closed door and over the noise of my food processor) for use in this article (you’ll have to scroll down to the second page to read his interview).

One alarming point that came out of the other three interviewees mouths was their opposition to our right to live in Ma’aleh Adumim (referred to by some as the “West Bank” – we consider it part of the Biblical Land that Hashem gave to Bnei Israel).

ASSAF NATHAN, in Haifa: “I don’t care about land so much – I consider the settlers to be even worse than Hamas.”

ZALLI JAFFE, in Jerusalem: “I do think some of the land in the West Bank – the majority – will have to be returned to the Palestinians.”

HANNAH STERN, in Tel Aviv: “In terms of a wider peace deal, if it was up to me I’d give up the whole of the West Bank.”

Unfortunately, BBC News has not turned the Comments feature on for this article, otherwise I’d tell ZALLI JAFFE that until the British conquered the Turks there was no such place as Palestine and all the people who were living in Israel at that time were given Palestinian citizenship – JEWS and Christians and Arabs…  And that there never was an Arab “nation” on this land or ruling over this land. And I’d remind this “religious Jew” that we are living on the land given by God to the tribe of Judah (that’s where the name “Judean” desert comes from!)

I’d tell HANNAH STERN that if it were up to me, I’d relocate the Gazans (who have been displaced by their own Arab brothers for use as political pawns) to the bleeding heart liberal Tel Aviv neighborhoods for a while. I think that would change your tune pretty quickly. These people don’t belong in Gaza, the “Palestinian nation” is fiction for your entertainment, and the “West Bank” belongs to the tribe of Judah.

And to ASSAF NATHAN, I challenge you to spend one week in our West Bank Jewish community of Ma’aleh Adumim and then an equal week with a nice Hamas family and get back to me with your opinions because I can’t consider them valid when you speak from such ignorance and hatred of your own people.


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