Aliyah Dollars and Sense

The Nefesh B’Nefesh e-mail list has been hopping lately with prospective olim asking questions about whether or not it makes sense to ship their appliances, electronics and/or furniture to Israel on their lift or container. And others have written to me off-list about realistic budgeting of their living expenses during the first year. I’ve been responding to as many as I have time for regarding the cost of shipping vs. selling at garage sale prices and buying new here, along with ball-park living expense figures. This morning it dawned on me that it might be beneficial to publish the information here until I get the Aliyah Handbook ready for its online debut, so here goes…

  1. My moving item analysis spreadsheet (208 kb XLS) that was used to help us decide what was worth shipping vs. selling. Explanation of tabs:
    • items to ship – a list of the items we actually shipped, along with their estimated replacement cost, carton dimensions, calculated cost to ship (based on shipping quote), and cost ratio. This became the basis for our insurance inventory list.
    • items considering – a list of the items we didn’t make a final decision on until the lift had been filled with the items to ship.
    • planned on the plane – a list of the items we planned to take on the plane with us, along with their weight, quantity and value.
    • plane box inventory – these were the items we took on the plane as checked luggage, listed by box with weight and value.
    • documents – a list of documents and quantities of each that we brought on the plane in our carry-on luggage.
    • shipping_Sonigo – their quote vs. the actual charges on our final invoice.
    • Insurance List – the spreadsheet we attached to our insurance application declaring the value of our ocean shipment.
    • shipping_quote_SUMMARY – a comparison of the shipping quotes we received from KEF, Rainier, Sonigo and Strand.
    • shipping_quote_KEF – their detailed quote.
    • shipping_quote_Rainier – their detailed quote.
    • shipping_quote_Strand – their detailed quote.
  2. Appliances, electronics and furniture (54 kb PDF) we purchased in Israel during the summer of 2008. Currently the exchange rate will give you more shekels per dollar than we received, so your dollars will buy more than ours did.
  3. Living expense analysis (118 kb PDF) for two families living in Ma’ale Adumim.

If there is additional information that would help you with your upcoming Aliyah, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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