Acting Out – A Societal Excuse

Today I had the privilege of observing the olim children’s ulpan (summer camp Hebrew learning program for new immigrants) because the director felt (and I agreed) that the teenage instructors were not equipped to handle children “acting out” – in other words my son misbehaved and disrupted the class again yesterday. I find this term rather amusing because when I was growing up and a child misbehaved, he was punished by one or both of his parents – and possibly his teacher or even the adult neighbor who caught him in the act. That was it, each child knew where he stood and what was expected of him – the line was clearly drawn in the sand and crossing it meant some form of discomfort (usually physical, sometimes emotional with privileges or a favorite toy withheld, and sometimes monetary).

In those days (the 60s and 70s) there were serious consequences and no wishy-washy excuses for why Johnny broke the window (after several warnings not to play ball anywhere near the neighbor’s new picture window), blew up his sister’s Barbie collection while playing GI Joe with firecrackers (or his homemade explosives), shot a cat with his bow and arrow, or dropped off a gift wrapped box of dog feces on the porch of the crabby neighbor who yelled at all the kids on the street for their mere existence.

It didn’t matter if he had a bad day at school or his best friend didn’t show up for his birthday party, or his parents were divorced, or a family member had some addiction – the bottom line was that he had to face the consequences of his unacceptable behavior in an unpleasant manner that hopefully would help him not repeat the offense.

It seems to me that this “acting out” label provides a societal excuse for bad behavior that doesn’t necessarily require any correction or consequence. This later gets carried into adulthood to provide socially acceptable excuses for the most awful crimes like those of a pedophile, rapist, cannibal, etc. In such a society, HOMICIDE bombers are labeled as “suicide” bombers to exaggerate their “plight” – the lie that Jews have stolen “their” land!

If that were a factual claim then why do these terrorists not behave in a manner befitting a normal society and proceed into an honest war (i.e., the wearing of uniforms to identify themselves and going out to a fighting field as opposed to random attacks on civilians)? And why do they bomb innocent civilians elsewhere in the middle east (e.g., Iraq, Pakistan and India)? And let’s not forget the World Trade Center (I wonder, will that be treated as a myth 60 years from now?) It’s not about Jew’s it is about the death cult of radical Islam.

I hold the agenda-laden media responsible for spreading radical Islamic Arab propaganda (the media that used to honorably be able to call themselves “NEWS” people but since what they spread is opinion, they are preventing the news from being disseminated) by twisting the truth to their advantage because they know that bleeding heart liberals (I guess that tells you where I am in the political spectrum) will jump on their bandwagon to pressure Israel or other western aligned groups to make land or prisoner release concessions to radical Islam or fork over more money and weapons to support the “poor mistreated” terrorists.

One example is the Arab refugee camps. The Arabs have received billions of dollars from the US to provide a home for their people but instead they choose to leave them in poverty so they can continue to use them as political pawns. I happen to live over the green line (a.k.a. the West Bank) and feel it is important for you to see for yourself the Arab neighborhoods surrounding us – I’m guessing that this is where the middle and upper middle-class Arabs live.

It would be wrong to leave you with the impression that everything surrounding us is beautiful – this is the Arab community that can be seen when approaching Ma’aleh Adumim.

And this is the Arab village we pass when driving to Ma’aleh Adumim from the north exit of Jerusalem. Just to be clear, their homes are similar in construction to ours and they do have the option of municipal trash pickup, but they choose to dump it behind their homes to spill down onto the highway. They also like to burn it on Shabbat as we have seen the smoke rising.

Trouble seeing the trash? Here’s a close up shot.

And, keep in mind that they are fighting to build more homes in the nearby area known as E-1 (Here’s the map according to the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs.)

Another close-up showing Arab thrown trash behind the buildings they occupy.

I admit I haven’t ventured out to the media-darling “refugee camps” and don’t plan to do so before I’ve mastered Arabic and become well armed. I suspect that among these Jew-haters there are some nice normal Arab families who would be happy to trade their shack for the worst tenement in New York City and live peacefully with their new neighbors. They would probably be even happier to live among their brethren in one of the 21 Arab countries surrounding Israel – the ones they really originated from prior to their political pawnship.

The people who live in the buildings in the above photos are the ones fighting to stop Jewish building in the E-1 corridor! They want to build and spread their lifestyle there and cut us off from Jerusalem – our Holy capital (not theirs – remember that theirs is in Mecca). Remember their focus is our destruction. They are here out of hatred of us, their goal is not only to take our land but more important to them is taking our lives and they aren’t shy about stating that to the world.

What sane person would train their children from age 3 to blow themselves up in order to kill Jews (and Christians, and anyone else who refuses to convert to Islam)? And why is the media not telling the public the truth – who “owns” these “news” outlets? The American people should be asking these questions until the true answer surfaces.

Facts dispel lies.


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