Absentee Voting

Remember how I told you that we cast our ballots? Well on Friday, October 24th Michael finally received his official ballot from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and I received mine on Sunday, October 26th (Sunday is a work day here in Israel)! We filed the necessary forms with the Board of Elections in JUNE weeks before we left the U.S.A. providing them with our new address in Israel.

After arriving here for seminary in September, we helped Carol Baum submit her new voter registration/absentee ballot form to the Cuyahoga Country Board of Elections. Her official ballot arrived on October 12th.

According to the instructions at the Overseas Vote Foundation web site, if one receives an official ballot after already sending in the Federal Write-In Absentee ballot, one must complete the official ballot and mail it before OCTOBER 28th. Michael believes this is all part of a consipiracy to prevent Republican votes from being counted.

Speaking of votes being counted, did you see this report: BAM STAFFERS PULL THEIR BOGUS OHIO BALLOTS in the news? If they hadn’t been caught their votes would have been counted. It makes one wonder.. how many other “Team Obama” people do you suppose are illegally voting across America?


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