A New Slate for Israel

I didn’t post this yesterday because I was afraid it might be taken as an April Fool’s joke. Nope, this is pretty serious stuff folks. In a March 31st press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministers and Senior Officials of the 32nd Government of Israel are confirmed as follows:

Shimon Peres – President

Government Ministers

Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister
Minister of Economic Strategy, Minister of Pensioner Affairs, Minister of Health, Minister of Science, Culture, and Sport
Silvan Shalom – Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development and the Development of the Negev and the Galilee
Moshe Ya’alon – Vice Prime Minister and Minister

Ehud Barak – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense
Avigdor Liberman – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dan Meridor – Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy
Eliyahu Yishai – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior
Yitzhak Aharonovitch – Minister of Public Security
Ariel Atias – Minister of Housing and Construction
Ze’ev Benjamin Begin – Minister
Benjamin Ben-Eliezer – Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor
Avishay Braverman – Minister
Yuli Edelstein – Minister of Information and Diaspora Affairs
Michael Eitan – Minister of Improvement of Government Services
Gilad Erdan – Minister of Environmental Protection
Daniel Hershkowitz – Minister
Isaac Herzog – Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs
Moshe Kahlon – Minister of Communications
Yisrael Katz – Minister of Transportation and Road Safety
Uzi Landau – Minister of National Infrastructures
Sofa Landver – Minister of Immigration Absorption
Limor Livnat – Minister
Yakov Margi – Minister of Religious Services
Meshulam Nahari – Minister
Yossi Peled – Minister
Stas Misezhnikov – Minister of Tourism
Yaakov Neeman – Minister of Justice
Gideon Sa’ar – Minister of Education
Shalom Simhon – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Yuval Steinitz – Minister of Finance

Deputy Ministers
Daniel Ayalon – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lea Nass – Deputy Minister of Pensioner Affairs
Matan Vilnai – Deputy Minister of Defense

Senior Government Officials
Reuven Rivlin, MK – Speaker of the Knesset
Dorit Beinisch – President of the Supreme Court
Micha Lindenstrauss – State Comptroller and Ombudsman
Stanley Fischer – Governor of the Bank of Israel
Lt.-Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi – IDF Chief of General Staff
Menachem Mazuz – Attorney General
Rabbi Shlomo Amar – Sephardi Chief Rabbi
Rabbi Yona Metzger – Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi

May God guide them in their decisions and remove the corrupt and incompetents from our midst before they do more damage.

Speaking of corrupt and incompetent politicians, yesterday I was contacted by a former Obama supporter who had been taken in by his “change” hype and failed to see through the smoke and mirrors. She wanted me to help get Barak Obama de-throned and asked that I to sign this WorldNet Daily petition which turned out to be a demand for PUBLIC RELEASE OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE. So I did some Google searching (“impeach Obama”, “remove Obama”) and found:

  • Petition for The Impeachment of Senator Barack Obama because “Senator Barack Obama is an admitted Illegal drug user.”
  • REMOVE USURPER FROM THE WHITEHOUSE citing Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution and Criminal Procedure Page 392, 2382 Misprision of treason.
  • Call and election to remove Obama with a whopping 8 signatures. The charge being that “Since oboma took office, the poor has had to settle for less, less benefits, less income, loss of jobs, higher prices, hidden taxes less insurance coverage, smokers are force to pay double for cigarettes, social service benefits are harder to get, while the rich have gotten richer, through bonuses he has given from tax payer money, i have to pay $197 a month for medicare, others are losing their homes and cars, credit is almost impossible to get while he pursues his career as a comedian.”
  • Impeach Barack Obama petition with 572 signatures charges the President with being a Socialist.
  • Obama-Sucks.net, an amusing site warning that America is soon to become an Islamic state.

But I didn’t find anything close to the one million signatures required to “get the ball rolling” petition she said her husband had signed. However it does appear that the WorldNet Daily petition demanding proof that Barak Obama is a “natural-born citizen” gathered more than 325,000 signatures and as of March 15th was finally deserving of the attention of Chief Justice John Roberts and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who have agreed to review it’s eligibility.

It all seems like a lot of wasted time and energy since Obama didn’t achieve the office of President of the United States merely through the votes of hopeful people. The man obviously has some powerful (and likely corrupt) people backing him – the type of people who would have ensured that the “sealed records” probably don’t exist anymore and anyone who attempts to make them appear will be riding under the waves in Hawaii. Think I’ve been watching too many Godfather movies lately? Not me, I didn’t watch those movies, I lived them. You see, I was born in da Bronx into an Italian family and had several cigar-smoking/spitting “uncles” involved in business for da Boss who had to go away on extended international business trips from time to time.

This all brings me to the point that Your name could have been on the above list of ministries (and still could be on the next one), where you actually have an opportunity to make historical difference in the lives of fellow Jews if you’ll just leave your comfort zone and come home!


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