A Moment of Growth?

Growth? I’m not sure if that’s what you’d call it, but on Tuesday when Dovi’s mother called to invite Yisrael to go bowling with them I said YES!

For the average, normal mother this is no big deal; but for me, well let’s just say I’m an overprotective mom (some other overprotective mom’s I’ve met – who are in therapy – have informed me that the correct term is “neurotic”). I haven’t checked, but if there is a Wikipedia entry for Overprotective, I’m sure my photo must be there.

I’m not kidding, you can ask my kids! One of Jessica’s repeated lines as she was growing up was “Why not?! [Name’s] mother is letting her go!” And as she would stomp off to her room and slam the door, I would become my mother and shout something completely counterproductive like “If [Name’s] mother allows her to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, should I let you join her?”

There is an alarming difference between the places Jessica grew up (upstate New York, Long Island, Los Angeles – well, maybe not Los Angeles! 😀 – South Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee) and here: neighbors weren’t blowing up buses, mass murdering with bulldozers, or boldly telling the world that they hated and wanted to kill us. And Judi hadn’t taken the boys bowling here in safe Ma’aleh Adumim, they went down the mountainside to the nearest bowling alley in Mishor Adumim

which is an industrial park area with both Jewish and Arab workers, and lots of Bedouin riding donkeys. And most people feel quite safe down there, but, there’s always the chance…

However, there is another important difference here – we are living in the Holy Land. Maybe something in the air is helping me relinquish a little of my “type A-must control everything nature” to God? Maybe the fact that He enabled us to make Aliyah (against all odds) in the first place, has strengthened my emunah (faith)?

Monday’s Shuk shopping must have mellowed me because for the 2-1/2 hours he was gone, I was actually calmly networking online trying to secure some work. Calmly, that is, until Michael mentioned how surprised he was that my baby had been gone for hours and I wasn’t pacing the floor with worry!

I promptly picked up the phone and called Judi to find out how things were going. She sounded a little frazzled as she was loading groceries into her trunk (imagine taking two almost 8-year-old boys into a grocery store, voluntarily!) She would be dropping him off in 10 minutes and he had been well-behaved. Thank God! I settled back down to my computer and thanked her when they arrived.

I was warned by my Israeli neighbors (back in Cleveland who were there for a 2-year teaching/Bnei Akiva assignment) that children have more freedom here – and I doubted mine would. But Tuesday, well, it was a good day for both of us. 😀


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