21st Century Mommy Time Bandits

While hiking to the mall this morning (uphill both ways, really!) to do my weekly shopping, I was disturbed by the fact that it is already Thursday!  I wondered, does time fly faster in the Holy land? Or do 21st Century working mothers have more to juggle than our ancestors?  Where did the time go this week?

Rewinding the week I remembered that in addition to my daily walk to the mail station and corner market, the usual food prep, laundry, banking, bill paying and planning the Shabbat menu I:

  • was involved in the selection of a new English teacher for the next school year – not something that happens often.
  • put in about 30 hours working for clients, made plans for upcoming meetings and invested a couple more hours providing detailed quotes to potential new clients – not unusual, my grandmother worked.
  • assisted olim and potential olim with information about rentals, jobs and bureaucracy in Israel – grandma probably assisted new American immigrants.
  • did a few hours of research for a book I’m writing – grandma had hobbies.
  • switched cell phone carriers and finally got HOT to pick up the TV cable box that we haven’t used in at least 6 months (no time for TV and not much worth watching IMHO) – definitely not things my grandmother had to deal with.
  • changed passwords on social media and banking sites because of the LinkedIn leak. – Aha!
  • removed SPAM from 43 email boxes (mine and those that I manage for clients) and several blog sites to free up server space. – double aha!
  • installed Kindle updates and moved the new ebooks into category folders. – maybe grandma organized her bookshelves.
  • “wasted” at least 4 hours this week reading read the news online and skimming through friends’ Facebook postings (many of which led  me to news articles) – I don’t know about my grandmother, but I do recall my mom having extra-long phone cords so she could work in the kitchen, iron or do laundry while on the phone with friends. The difference is that socializing didn’t require her eyes and hands to be away from household tasks. This IS a time bandit!

I am positive that my grandmother never dreamed of a -or had a comparable-  time bandit to the one that sucked up about 25 hours of my time this week; my kid’s websites and YouTube channels!  For months I’ve been trying to find the time and creative energy to finish my daughter’s photography business website. Last week I committed to getting it done ASAP and while I was waiting for some answers, my son decided that he wanted to start a YouTube channel and I decided he needed to update his blog site first (an assignment he’s neglected). Somehow this led to me reorganizing his blog and giving it a facelift (with a hideous design he came up with), and editing and posting a YouTube video about electronic games.

My daughter’s site wasn’t quite as easy because her “creative” mind and my logical mind don’t envision things the same way despite the words exchanged.  After about 20 hours invested, we’re almost back to square one.

So that’s where my time went this week; what about you – do you have time bandits too?

BTW, in an effort to improve time management, this was written on the back of my shopping list while waiting on line to pay for my groceries.


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