12 Year Old Entreprenuer’s Revolution in Jewish Entertainment

aviva-krainessDuring the frenzy of preparing for Pesach, I received an email asking me to share this story on my blog.  I politely told the sender – the father of this amazing 12-year-old – that I was busy cleaning, shopping and cooking (and suspected that most of you were too)  and that I’d get to this after the holidays.

I’ve been extremely busy, but was slowed down this morning by a priority shift – my Mom is in ICU again.  So when the reminder of this message popped up again I decided not to put it off any longer and as I read it, it hit me! I know this child!  Aviva Krainess was in my son’s kindergarten and possibly first grade class back in Cleveland and made Aliyah around the same time we did.  And I remember her name being on my (and Young Israel’s) Tehillim list for a very long time.  Aviva’s story of battle and triumph is inspiring. Amazing!

Please watch the video, read the story and share Aviva’s exciting project with everyone you know who could benefit from a bit of inspiration and love.

Guest Post by Leib Krainess


With the loss of her eyesight 5 years ago, Aviva Krainess inspires Mind Theater, a cinematic audio experience that’s setting the stage for a revolution in JEWISH ENTERTAINMENT.
Aviva Krainess seems like any other ordinary 12 year old. She goes to school, plays with friends and helps out around the house. However, once you get to know her, you find out that with Aviva life is anything but ordinary. After all, how many young girls have started an organization and created a new genre of entertainment?

When Aviva was 6 years old she was diagnosed with Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the body’s tissues. After being plagued by multiple strokes, paralysis, severe arthritis and chronic pain, Aviva became virtually blind from one of the many medicines that she takes for her illness.

Losing the ability to see can leave a person feeling depressed and unable to ‘look’ at the bright side of life. But not Aviva. As Aviva so wonderfully puts it, “Why be sad when you can be happy?”

With this positive attitude, it is not surprising that when Aviva lost her sight she began dreaming of once again enjoying great stories but in a whole different way. The result – Aviva and her father started Aviva Productions and created Mind Theater.

Mind Theater is an explosive and dynamic audio-based production for children that engages the listener with a palette of sound effects, musical scores and talented voice actors. It is more than a children’s audio story. It is like watching a Hollywood movie but where you create the pictures in your own mind. Mind Theater stories are created to appeal to Jewish children across the spectrum and convey a Jewish message like happiness, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation of all the blessings in our lives, appreciation of others, trying our best, unity and loving others – to name a few.

Aviva has started a crowd funding campaign asking people to help her finish producing the first Mind Theater production and share it with thousands of visually impaired children for just $5 per child. For more information please visit http://www.themercava.com/projects/mindtheater


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